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Warrant Bonds in Las Vegas, NevadaThere are two ways how the warrant can be issued in Nevada. a) The judge issues an arrest warrant. This usually happens when the defendant didn't appear in court for the hearing.
b) In special circumstances the police is allowed to arrest a person without a warrant. A good example would be if the officer witnessed the crime.

The Warrant Bond Amount

Certain warrants have predetermined bail amounts assigned to them, but in some cases the judge assigns the bail amount (bailable warrant) or decides if there is no bail at all (non-bailable warrant). Usually, very serious felonies fall into the "warrant without bail" or "non-bailable warrant" category. This includes criminal charges for:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Conspiracy
  • Kidnapping
  • Drug Trafficking

Bailable Warrant

The bailable warrant may be removed ("quashed" is a legal term) by posting bail with the court. The bail can be paid in cash, credit cards, or checks. Not every person has the resources to pay bail in cash. Often the accused or somebody on his behalf contacts a licensed bail bondsman to post a bail.

Once the bail has been paid the defendant no longer has to fear of being arrested at work, at home or while driving around town.

Sometimes the Bail Can't be Posted

If bail is not set to your outstanding warrant, you can consider the following options:

  • You can always turn yourself in to law enforcement. You may be released on your own recognizance (also called "O.R"), or you will remain in jail until hearing whether you are eligible for bail.
  • You can request a hearing by filing a motion to quash the outstanding warrant. You need a lawyer to help with this.

Each case is unique and you need to consult a good attorney about your particular situation.

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If you know that there is an outstanding warrant on your arrest, contact us immediately. We will research the status of your warrant and explain what legal options are available for you. Usually, we post warrant bonds very fast.

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