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What is a State Bail Bond?

State Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, Nevada A state bail bond is a bond posted to release a criminal defendant from state or city criminal charges.

Almost all crimes in Nevada require a bond posting before a defendant is released from custody.

Typically, the state bail bonds include:

  • DUI bonds
  • Battery domestic violence bonds
  • Drug possession bonds
  • Robbery bonds

What Are Appearance Bonds?

Appearance bonds are bonds set by a state judge to ensure the defendant appears at his next scheduled court date.

What is the Premium for State or County Bail Bonds?

All bail bond agencies in the State of Nevada are highly regulated by Department of Insurance. The maximum that the bail bondsman can charge for state or county bond is 15%. Therefore, if the bond amount is $2,000.00 the premium cannot exceed $300.00.

Is the Premium Amount Negotiable?

Bond premiums are not negotiable. They are set by the bonding agent depending on the type of case, the type of defendant, and collateral posted.

What Collateral is Usually Used for a State Bond?

Collateral for state bonds may include:

  • Car titles
  • Real estate proper (houses, mobile homes, or raw land)
  • Equipment
  • In some circumstances negotiable instruments such as investment accounts or brokerage accounts

There are no two legal cases the same. Contact our bail bond agent to learn what could be used as a collateral in your particular case.

What is a Non-Bondable Offense in Nevada?

The non-bondable offenses in Nevada include most of Class A felonies: murder, rape, weapon charges, or kidnapping.

Is a Non-Bondable Offenses a Capital Crime?

Yes, capital crimes are non-bondable offenses, however just because a crime is non-bondable doesn't mean the defendant can't still get a bond. Under the right circumstances a good criminal defense attorney can get an individual out on bond.

Nevada State Bail Bonds and Nebbia Requirements

A Nebbia Hearing, also called a Source of Funds Hearing is required in cases where the judge believes that money posted for bond may have been earned through illegal activities (e.g., drug dealing.) At the Source of Funds Hearing the judge requires to prove that the money used to pay for the bond earned legally. That proof includes W-2 forms, income tax reports, and/or bank statements.

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State Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, Nevada