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What is the Immigration Bond?

Immigration Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, Nevada If you or someone close to you has been arrested and detained for immigration reasons, you must get an immigration bond to release the person from custody until their court appearance.

There are two types of immigration bail bonds available:

  • Delivery bonds
  • Voluntary departure

Delivery Bond

A delivery bond allows a detainee to be released from immigration custody pending a final hearing on his immigration petition. The purpose of a delivery bond is to ensure that the detainee appears at all future immigration hearings. This bond also allows a detainee to be free from custody as he/she petitions the court for a favorable immigration status and gives a time to consult an immigration lawyer regarding his/her unique sutuation.

Delivery bonds are the most common type of immigration bonds.

Voluntary Departure Bond

A voluntary departure bond allows the detainee to be released from custody and requires that they voluntarily leave the country at their own expense.

Both delivery bonds and voluntary departure bonds are refunded to the person who posted the bond upon the detainee complying with the release requirements.

The bond agent fee which is in Nevada 15% is not refundable.

How Much the Immigration Bond Cost in Nevada?

A typical immigration delivery bond in Nevada is $1500.00. However, in some circumstances bonds can be set over $10,000. The immigration magistrate assesses the detainer's criminal history, employment status and family ties in United States. This criteria is then used to decide the amount of the bond. 

How Long Does it Take to Get the Immigration Bonds?

On average a detainee waits six months before they can petition the court for bond.

Do You Need a Collateral for the Immigration Bond? ?

All bonds are different. In order to know whether the collateral is necessary in your case, contact our immigration bail bond agent at 702-388-8383.

What is Accepted as a Collateral?

The bond collateral may include:

  • Car titles
  • Real property (houses, condos and town homes)
  • Access to bank accounts or marketable securities (stocks)

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Immigration Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, Nevada