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What is a Federal Bail Bond?

Federal Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, NevadaA federal bond is any bond posted with the federal court such as federal criminal courts and federal immigration courts. The federal bond amounts are set by federal magistrate that preside over the cases.

Federal Bail Specifics

Federal bail bonds work similarly to state criminal bonds. The process is the same. First, the federal magistrate sets the bond amount. Next, the defendant or the defendants family contacts a bond agent licensed in Nevada. Once the bond is posted the defendant is released from federal custody.

When the Federal Bail Bond is Required?

Almost all federal criminal cases, misdemeanors and felonies, require a bail bond.

What Is the Premium for Federal Bail Bonds?

Premiums for federal bail bonds in Nevada are the same as state bonds. The maximum premium that can be charged by a bonding agent is set by the Nevada legislature with input from the insurance division. Currently the Cap is set at 15%.

What is Non-Bondable Offense in Las Vegas?

Non-bondable offenses include any case in which a judge refuses to set a bond. In Nevada non-bondable cases are usually Class A felonies such as murder, rape and kidnapping.

Federal Bail Bonds and Nebbia Requirements

A Nebbia Hearing or a Source of Funds hearing is required in cases where the Federal Judge or Magistrate believes the bond money may have been derived from illegal gains. For example, in a drug trafficking case a judge may require a hearing to determine that the bond money is not profits from drug trafficking. In order to comply with the Source of Funds Hearing there must be proof and records of where the money came from to post a bond - bank statements, profit and loss sheets of businesses, or W-2 forms and pay stubs.

Is the Bail Bond Premium Negotiable?

Bond premiums are not negotiable. The bond company sets their target fee for posting the money depending on the type of case, collateral and defendants history. Our company, the Bail Bonds Las Vegas offers competitive bond premiums usually below the Nevada 15% Cap.

Do You Need to Show Collateral When Applying for a Federal Bail Bond?

Not all bonds require collateral. Each case is different and we need to know your specific situation in order to answer this question. Call us and the bail bond agent will explain if the collateral is required in your particular case. Normally, a collateral is excepted on bonds over $50,000.00.

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