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Las Vegas Bail Bondsman. Bail Bond Agent.Long time bail bonds man, Jason Castleforte, is the owner and operator of Las Vegas Bail Bonds / Virgin Bail Bonds.

Mr. Castleforte has over sixteen years of experience in the bail bond industry and prides himself in achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Mr. Castleforte routinely goes the extra mile for his customers to ensure they are safely released from custody as quickly as possible.

As a former Emergency Medical Technician in the 911 system Mr. Castleforte has learned to overcome obstacles and adapt to any situation. Since leaving the emergency medical field Mr. Castleforte has implemented the emergency training he received into his bail bond company. From the moment you hire Mr. Castleforet he treat someone you care about as his own and works tirelessly to get them out of custody as quickly as possible.

Unique services

Unique services that Mr. Castleforte provides include: transportation services and house calls. If transportation is an issue for you Mr. Castleforte provides a mobile service that will come to your residence, hotel room or any other convenient location. Furthermore he also provides transportation for your loved one once released to get them back home or back to their hotel room as soon as possible.

Mr. Castleforte understands that sometimes it is very expensive to get a loved one out of jail and money is often an issue, so he provides easy financing in the event the bail premium is too high.


Mr. Castleforte knows his way around our jails, courts and legal systems. He works with many court clerks, corrections personnel, attorneys and judges. Thus being able to provide his clients assistance in making sure that their case gets handled expeditiously and professionally.

As a side, Mr. Castleforte also provides information free of charge to people who have questions regarding court cases, bench or arrest warrants, bail procedures, jails or any other legal concerns you may have.

If someone you know is incarcerated in any of the Nevada jails contact Jason Castleforte at 702-388-8383 for a free bail assessment and quote.

Questions? Give Jason a call at 702-388-8383.

Bail Bonds Las Vegas is open 24 hours a day and 7 days s a week including holidays.

The office is located in downtown Las Vegas.

Jason Castleforte Las Vegas Bail Bondsman